Driven by ambition and our desire to grow as a business, we have recently added a fourth division offering a range of services in converted vehicle solutions. Working out of an area of over 21,000sq ft with 3D capability and CNC programmable machines we can take customers campervan visions from dreams to architectural design and turn them into reality.  

We boast in house CNC routers, panel saws, edge banding and a spray booth. Therefore, we can offer endless design options and an exceptional assembly by our highly trained bench joiners, with all furniture built with futureproofing and longevity in mind.

While we love the opportunity to start with a blank canvas, offering a full conversion pack based on our or your own design, our services vary from updating your current campervan to providing a basic starter van.

In essence we can do as much or as little required to meet your budget and requirements.

See our instagram and facebook page for regular updates and sales.

Campervan conversions in brief:

  • Full conversions
  • Day vans
  • Start vans
  • Flat pack furniture kits
  • Pop roofs and elevating beds
  • Individual upgrades
  • NIC qualified electrics installations

Please send all enquiries and sample requests to